Thursday, September 19, 2013

Victoria's Secret swimsuit photoshoot in a beautiful Malibu beach

I had an amazing oportunity to shoot in a gorgeous, wild La Piedra beach, Malibu.
I am posting now photos which were taken by fashion photograper Tomas Skaringa.
In this photoshoot there were participating 3 of us.Photographer Vika Pobeda was taking photos of me as well which ones I will post  later.
This photoshoot was so different and extreme! When we were taking last photos the tide came and we got flooded. We were scared and had to brake throug the water to get back to our cars.
Thanks G we were safe and made these great images. :)

Now enjoy these images and a short video of behind the scene in a beach of summer , August 2013.
I love California ! I love Malibu beach!
I am so blessed to live here and work with these amazing people in the industry!

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