Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Valentina Legwear 2012

Agne has been working with Valentina Legwear for more then 3 years. Here are some photos of the final products. We are going to post more photos from the last year too.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Echelon Collection Agne

Echelon Lifestyle Clothing welcomes Agne Skaringa, our first premier designer to the Echelon team. She features her Spring and Summer Collection for 2012 and we are pleased with the results... Please like her page
 More photos are coming soon!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Echelon Lifestyle

 Agne Skaringa is a model for Echelon Lifestyle. She is one of designers too!

More about Echelon Lyfestyle:
Whether you are on the go or just enjoying the moment, you want to look your best and bring your best style forward. Echelon Lifestyle sets the tone and images you through its distinctive clothing line that promotes your lifestyle through our T-shirt designs. Whatever you feel and however you want to show it, let us help to evoke both luxury and style and leave you confident.

Echelon Lifestyle Clothing was created to help express an individual or group through its clothing designs and fashions. Everyone is unique and has different interests. Whether yours are sports, academics, entertainment, business or a combination, be the best and have the greatest time in whatever Echelon Lifestyle you choose.

Inspired by the demands of being at the top and excelling in practically anything, it felt appropriate to create images to inspire. Our t-shirt designs are simple but yet powerful. We work on helping to create the "YOU" in your industry, profession, and lifestyle. As we showcase our up and coming line, we hope to inspire and bring comfort to your life.